With DataRate you can:
  • Build an automated monitoring and management system (Process Control System and other) based on smart sensors, controllers and computers;
  • Create the user interface to display and save information from devices that supports data exchange technology OPC DA/HDA/A & E ;
  • Visualize data from plant management system databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.);
  • Organize automated reporting system;
  • Provides remote monitoring and management of automated system using Web-technologies

Creating HMI/SCADA-applications in industrial automation
DataRate Integrated Development Environment

  • Integrated Development Environment includes functionally complete set of tools for building multipurpose technological projects.

  • DataRate monitors system parameters and process history in real time for any input/output. It lets you analyze and optimize the operating modes of the system and quickly make decisions on management. Trend Manager is using to configure the trend and the list of trended variables. Graphic primitive Trend displays the trend as a graph.
  • Built-in DataRate Events and alarms subsystem performs automatic monitoring of system parameters and emergencies; it outputs appropriate sound, light signaling and events protocol
  • Using the Schedules gives the user the ability to strictly defined moments of the time to implement one-time or periodic launch technological algorithms (scripts), and generate reports
  • The broad functionality and user-friendly interface of DataRate Reports Manager allows you easily and quickly to create report patterns. It also performs printing, sending e-mail, transmitting on Web-interface, publishing on the http / ftp-servers and conversing reports in various formats (pdf, excel, etc.) on-schedule or on-demand
  • DataRate Access control system allows you to restrict access to certain components and functions of the system.

Support of client-server architecture

  • Support of remote (Web) and local clients
  • Full-functional Web control interface
  • Unauthorized access restriction system
  • Support of a corporate Web portal

Data exchange

  • Interface devices (controllers, regulators, counters, digital sensors et al.)
  • Information systems, DBMS (MS  SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Interbase, IBM DB2 et al.)
  • SCADA, МES, ERP and other planning and management systems
  • Technological data server WideTrack.

Technologies and standards

  • Database access via OLE DB, ODBC
  • Export of data to XML and CSV formats.

Web-access and web-visualization
DataRate Web-Control allows you to build a remote monitoring and management system via the normal web-browser. It minimizes the cost of maintenance jobs and allows you to control production processes remotely.

Managing in a single information space of the enterprise
Sharing DataRate and Server consolidation technology data WideTrack (SPC KRUG) allows you to build multifunctional distributed automated control systems (CAM). © 2005 - 2019 НПФ "КРУГ" 26 Mar 2019