DataRate is a universal tool for monitoring, control and management of production processes.
DataRate is a dynamic visualization of data at any level of enterprise management
DataRate is simple and effective programming software solving visualization tasks concerning operator-process monitoring and control in the production and process automation

Favourable parity the price/functionality
Functionality DataRate corresponds to the modern requirements to HMI/SCADA systems. The cost of base package DataRate on 60 points of input/output is about 100 EUR. Economic efficiency of use DataRate is notable as at automation of small typical objects, for example, automated information-measurement system for technological accounting of electrical energy, automated system of gas-based fire-fighting control, etc., and at use as a part of large automated control system together with other decisions.
Easy learning and rapid development
For effective work with DataRate enough to master a few basic principles that underlie the entire design process. It is achieving due to learning materials, user-friendly interface and, of course, technical support.
Reuse-objects mechanism
A significant time reduction for the project development is achieving through a reuse-objects mechanism. DataRate libraries allow you to easily transfer their experience from the project to the project and also enjoy the experience of other developers.
Built-in verification of the project.
Verification mechanism allows you to track the referential integrity of the project and to detect errors made by the user in the design, making the process of debugging the project faster and more convenient
Free integrated development environment
DataRate Integrated development environment has not limitations on use. That allows to user fully realize his goals already at the stage of acquaintance with the DataRate demo and only then to make the decision on purchase.
Training seminars
SPC KRUG periodically conducts face-to-face and online (via Internet) training seminars. Thus, users have the opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge about the product, consult with experts and get answers to questions through a full-time or interactive communication, saving time and money.

Integration with any equipment
DataRate fully supports the specifications OPC Data Access (OPC DA), OPC Historical Data Access (OPC HDA) and OPC Alarm & Event (OPC A & E), which allows you to integrate it with any devices that have OPC server. In addition to OPC technology capabilities DataRate serve to exchange information with various databases (MS SQL Oracle, MySQL, etc.), and support for Server consolidation technology data WideTrack offers additional benefits in the construction of distributed systems for acquisition, processing, storage and visualization of information.
High speed of the custom algorithms execution
In DataRate user implements custom algorithms (scripts) at a high-level object-oriented programming language C#. Scripts executes with machine code speed.
Versatility and flexibility
DataRate - a universal and flexible system. Due to the possibility of unrestricted use of its own and the system API, DataRate can solve almost any problem. Possibility of using the Windows API allows extending the functionality of the system
Multifunctional graphics subsystem
Using DataRate multifunctional graphics subsystem you can easily creates project visualization. Features of subsystem allows the user to draw beautiful mnemonic diagram any complexity, to show the history of the process in the form of graphs and tables, to build the histograms, to setup graphic animation and much more.

Wide scope of activity
Object-oriented approach to project building, support of modern data exchange standards, open architecture, powerful graphics, event-driven dynamic visualization, reliable .NET technologies – all this provides wide field of DataRate applications from simple information systems up to technological control systems and OLAP systems of operative data analyses providing informational support in making strategic decisions.
Solution examples

  • Automated information-measurement system for technological accounting of electrical energy;
  • Monitoring and control system for sprinkler-based fire-fighting system;
  • Automated system of gas-based fire-fighting control;
  • Monitoring and control system of smoke-removal in a multi-storied apartment block;
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